About Us

In 2012, we embarked on a new journey as a food and beverage retail provider and have been on the lookout for suitable franchises to further expand our market ever since. We started with imported Seedless Dates, Raw Nuts, Chocolates and Organic Ready to cook meals, etc. Soon, with the booming popularity of online food shopping among local consumers and their growing awareness of adopting a healthier diet—partly thanks to the government’s active campaigning and encouragement, we have decided to bring onboard unique brands and products worldwide that have not yet found their footholds in Singapore but hold a promising market. While some of our high-quality products only cater to niche target markets, such as those with dietary restrictions to gluten and sugar, we still strive to become your trusted online shop for delicious, delectable snacks and beverages to everyone. OUR PHILOSOPHY We believe that healthy living is about balancing between indulgence and nutrition. While nutritious and fiber-rich food sources are crucial to maintain our physical well-being, indulgent foods and drinks are also important for our mental state. With our eight years of expertise in the business, we bring to you a balanced selection of food and beverage products that can benefit both your mind and your body. However, we are highly aware that some consumers in Singapore have a relatively limited selection of indulgent snacks and beverages to choose from due to medical reasons and dietary choices. That is why here at Ramanico, we also offer a diverse selection of food products that contain low to no sugar and zero amount of gluten, which are suitable for consumers with specific dietary requirements.